Annual meeting of the Slovenian Sociological Association 

Social inequalities and politics 

Slovenia (on-line conference)

Conference  presentations

Intersectional Contestations. The Meanings of Integration of Migrant Pupils in Austrian Schools (Alev Cakir, Stella Wolter, Mira Liepold and Birgit Sauer)

Integration of migrant children in Slovenian school system (Mateja Sedmak, Barbara Gornik, Zorana Medarić,  Maja Zadel and Lucija Dežan)

Serious Games About the Migration Phenomena in Digital Capitalism. Solutions or Intricacies? (Marina Riera-Retamero, Paula Lozano-Mulet, Laura Malinverni and Juana M. Sancho-Gil)

6th – 7th

November 2020

Aktuelle gesellschaftliche Themen und sozialwissenschaftliche Fragestellungen 

An interdisciplinary lecture for first semester students

University of Vienna, Austria

Presentation of the project Migrant Children and Communities in a Transforming Europe (Stella Louise Wolter)

Video of the lecture is available here.


November 2019



Migrant children’s integration and education in Europe

Approaches, methodologies and policies

Barcelona, Spain

Conference presentations

Reception communities in the EU environment (Vlasta Jalušič and Veronika Bajt)

Migrant Children and Integration: What do we know so far? (Shoba Arun and Gavin Bailey)

The local dimension of children integration in educational system in Poland (Adam Bulandra and Jakub Kościółek)

What Challenges and Opportunities pertain to introducing Philosophy with children in schools to foster migrant children and youth`s wellbeing? (Søren Sindberg Jensen)

Short video about the symposium (Recorded and edited by Silvia de Riba)

Video of Roundtable with schools, where three Catalan schools presented their experience with migration in the city of Barcelona (Moderator: Juana M. Sancho; Participants: Núria Abreu – Escola Cervantes, Mercè Miralles – IES Pau Claris and Alfons Espinosa – Escola Drassanes)

23rd – 25th

October 2019



Annual meeting of the Slovenian Sociological Association 

Science and future societies

Bled, Slovenia

Conference  presentations

Potenciali otrokosrediščnega pristopa pri preučevanju integracije otrok priseljencev (Zorana Medarić, Barbara Gornik and Mateja Sedmak)

EU in politike integracije migrantskih otrok (Vlasta Jalušič and Veronika Bajt)

18th – 19th

October 2019

Societies and spaces in contact: Between convergence and divergence

Portorož/Portorose, Slovenia, Trst/Trieste, Italy

Conference presentation

The Potentials of a Child-centred approach to the Integration of Migrant Children (Zorana Medarić, Mateja Sedmak and Barbara Gornik)

16th – 20th September 2019

Conference presentations

Role of the educational community and school system (Mateja Sedmak, Barbara Gornik and Zorana Medarić)

Exploring the Potentials of Child-centred Approach (Barbara Gornik, Zorana Medarić and Mateja Sedmak)

Discourses on migration and integration in Austria – Migrant children at schools (Stella Louise Wolter, Dovaine Buschmann, Ayse Dursun and Birgit Sauer)

Migrant Children and Communities Educational challenges in Spain (Juana M. Sancho Gil and Fernando Hernández)

Migrant Reception Communities in Spanish context (Judit Onses-Segarra, Sara Carrasco-Segovia and Maria Domingo-Coscollola)

Problematizing the Notion of Good Practices in the Context of Migrant`s Children Integration in Schools (Raquel Miño, Pablo Rivera and Fernando Hernández)

National Policies as Risks in Inclusive Education of Migrant Children in Denmark (Anke Piekut, Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen, Peter Hobel and Tina Høegh)

2nd – 6th September 2019

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